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Ceramic grain are special products for aggressive and cool grinding. These abrasives ensure faster grinding while at the same instance offering better surface quality and excellent stock removal rates. The cool grinding properties ensures an extension of the service life and prevents surface discolouration. Ceramics are specifically applicable for grinding high alloyed steels, titanium, nickel alloys and all extremely hard materials.

Compact grain


Compact grain products are the abrasive for continuous grinding operations. With their uniform stock removal rate they achieve consistent surface roughness throughout their long service life due to the continual self-sharpening nature of the grain. Compact grain abrasives are especially for machine-grinding of; stainless steel centreless process, coil grinding, flat grinding steel, titanium alloys in profile grinding process and many more.

Zirconia Alumina


Zirc grain is ideal for grinding all steels and steel alloys, cast iron and non ferrous metals such aluminum, brass and bronze. The special coating technique applied to the grain makes them suitable for both manual and machine grinding.



With our High-Tech/High Quality products and experienced sales staff, we can make recommendations to your current process. Instead of doing things the way you’ve always have, why not let our trained staff analyze your application and see if we can offer alternative more cost effective methods.

Call us today to consult with our staff or to book an appointment 1-800-265-6620 or 519-740-8950.

Aluminum Oxide


Aluminum Oxide grinding products can be used in a vast array of applications. Aluminum Oxide is a hard durable grain that live good life and solid cut.

Silicone Carbide


A hard sharp grain that fractures under light pressure. Ideally suited for grinding of glass, stone and rubber. When combined in the Compact grain process superior life and finish can be achieved.


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