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Quilted Sound Absorbers

Barricade™ Quilted Fibreglass Absorbers are rugged, durable,industrial grade sound absorbers. These products are available in

wall panels, baffles, rolls, or cut to size in a variety of thicknesses,

facings, colours and patterns.

Ceiling Baffle Absorbers

Barricade™ Ceiling Baffles are lightweight and are easily

suspended from the ceiling or overhead supports. Available in

a variety of sizes and styles including polywrap PVC, sailcloth,

FDA approved, and quilted fibreglass to meet any requirement.

Roll Goods

Barricade™ Quilted Fibreglass Absorbers can be supplied in roll form. Roll goods are available with unbound edges or they can be supplied with all edges bound and sewn. Vinyl, silicone and scrim facings are standard. Roll sizes are 4-feet wide by 25-feet or 50-feet long.

Wall Absorbers

Barricade™ Wall Absorbers incorporate a rigid fibreglass core

with a variety of industrial facings to create a clean, crisp

appearance. They can be manufactured in any size, and

can be installed using a variety of methods.

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