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Distributors of quality products to Industry since 1978


26 x 36 Regular Black 250/Box

26 x 36 Strong Black 200/Box

26 x 36 Extra Strong Black 150/Box

35 x 50 Regular Black 250/Box

35 x 50 Strong Black 200/Box

35 x 50 Extra Strong Black 150/Box

42 x 48 Regular Black 250/Box

42 x 48 Strong Black 200/Box

Oxo-Biodegradable agent will be added to all of our existing standard line of Industrial strength Black can liners.

See our Green page for details

New product which contains the Oxo additive will be clearly identified with a label on the outside of the corrugate case.  New corrugate packaging will be implanted once our current inventory of corrugate is depleted. 

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