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Best Value!

Sqwincher Liquid Concentrate!

Summit 2.5 & 5.5 gallon industrial drinking coolers are designed from the inside out to perform as hard as the workers who use them.

Sqwincher Summit Coolers!

*The Qwik Stik is another packaging innovation from Sqwincher. Simply tear open the pack, pour the powder into a 20 oz/591 ml bottled  water and shake.

*Easily dispensed to workers.

*Package contains .11 oz/3.1g powder. Available in Orange, Fruit Punch (red)  & Mixed Berry (blue) flavours only.

*500 Qwik Stiks per case.

*One flavour per case/package.

LITE FORMULA, zero calories, zero carbs and no sugar!

Sqwincher has 50% less sodium and approximately 50% more potassium than most sport drinks used in industry.

Qwik Stik!


Sqwincher helps prevent the ill and costly effects of dehydration, provides a supplemental source of energy and quenches thirst in a great tasting way.


Perspiration  depletes cells of fluids and weakens the muscle tissue. This causes workers to be less alert, less productive and more prone to accidents. Sqwincher is isotonically formulated, goes to work 98% faster than pure water. Restores electrolytes to the muscle cells within  seconds of drinking. In the process energy levels are restored.


2.5 gal/9.46 L

5.5 gal/20.82 L

*no-stir formula.

*Available in  Fruit Punch (red), Mixed Berry (blue)

Lemon-Lime and in Lite Formula.

*Bottle size: 64 oz / 1.89 L

*Bottle Yield: 640 oz/18.93 L

*6 bottles per case


The Sqweeze!

Don’t forget Sqwincher when the cold weather hits. People working outdoors or in extreme temperatures still experience dehydration.

Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate which add to dehydration and replace them with our HOT STIKS!

Hot Stik!


Makes a 8-10 oz Hot Drink -  Available in two flavours; Apple Spice and Green Leaf Tea, that contains “antioxidents”.  Not only will the Hot Stik replenish the electrolytes but will also assist in maintaining your body’s immune system with the following added ingredients:

Echinacea – Stimulate and increase activity in the immune system.

Niacin – Helps the body control good and bad forms of cholesterol.

Vitamin B6 – Assists in the body’s biological processes such as increased metabolism and aids in the stimulation and production of nervous system functions by helping to create neurotransmitters.

Vitamin B12 – Assist in proper nervous system functions, memory and motor functions as well as assist in the production of new red blood cells.

Vitamin C – Combat colds, aid in cardiovascular health and protect the immune system against disease and viral attacks.

Potassium -  Aids in complete muscle contractions that regulate blood pressure as well as electrical activity in the heart and rapid transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body.

Phosphorus – Help regulate the release of energy supplies within the body.

Plus it’s low in sugar with only 3 total carbs and 10 calories per 8 ounce serving.

*Simply freeze the "SQWEEZE" and enjoy the refreshing feeling of flavoured ice or refrigerate the SQWEEZE and drink right out of the package.

*The SQWEEZE is a 3 oz/ 88 ml electrolyte drink.

*150 per case, 15 packs of 10 units. Two of each flavour - Cherry, Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime & Mixed berry.

(Only available in these assorted cases)

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