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Safety Cabinets

Flammables Storage Cabinets 

• Double-wall construction with 1-1/2" insulating air space
• Dual 2" vents with flame arrestors
• High-visibility trilingual warning label
• Spill-catcher shelves adjust on 2-1/4" centres
• 3-point self-latching doors with double key set
• All-welded 18-ga. steel
• Adjustable levelling feet balance cabinet
• Self-close models have a fusible link and concealed mechanism for access to top shelf
• 2" leakproof sill captures spills
• Meet OSHA and NFPA 30 standards for safe storage of flammable liquids
• Specify colour: grey (G), red (R), white (W), yellow (Y)
ULC-Listed Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinets

• Designed and labelled by the Underwriter Laboratories of Canada
• Quality constructed from 18-ga. steel• Double-wall welded construction• 2" between inner and outer walls filled with fire proof insulation
• Door sill raised 2" above the bottom of cabinet to form a liquid tight well
• Three-point locking system
• Adjustable satin coat galvanized shelves• Four adjustable leveling feet
• 2" threaded vents, one on each side
• Fire baffle covers each vent• Painted with safety yellow enamel with red bi-lingual warning label

Aluminum Cylinder Lockers

• Ideal for outdoors or high-humidity areas

• Keeps cylinders off the ground

• Heavy non-sparking all-welded aluminum won’t rust

• .065" heavy-gauge mesh with extruded frame

• Sloped roof sheds rain water

• Locking door pad

• Four warning labels included

• Complies with Canadian Gas Association CGA-B149.2, NFPA 58, and OSHA 1910.110 requirements

Cylinder Storage Cabinets

• Perforated doors and sides prevent build-up of harmful chemicals
• Store cylinders vertically
• All-welded construction
• Meets Canadian Gas Association standard CGA-B-149.9-M91
• Doors have “FLAMMABLE” and “NO SMOKING” messages 
• Yellow finish

Cylinder Storage

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