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Andersen Mats and your Clean Building

75 to 80% of contaminates that enter a building come through the entrances. A quality matting system should stop or significantly reduce these contaminates at the door. Stopping these contaminates reduces cleaning labour costs, reduces wear on floor surfaces, reduces slip and fall hazards. It also reduces the use of cleaning chemicals that may be harmful to people and the environment.

Andersen’s Waterhog construction provides the maximum performance in preventing soil and gray water from entering the building and assists in keeping the building green. The Bi-level construction of Waterhog mats provides an upper surface for walking and a lower surface that traps and stores soil and water. The soil and water are removed from the mat by proper cleaning. The Bi-level construction feature is permanent and actually extends the life of the mat.

Lower quality mats without the Bi-level construction do not hold the foot above the soil and water. This allows the foot to come in contact with the contaminants which are then tracked into the facility. Such low quality mats must be replaced 4 to 5 times more often than Waterhog. This increases costs and contributes significantly more waste to our landfills. Often end users do not replace their low quality mats when they should. Such mats cease to provide any function at all with resulting adverse effect on the building and costs.

Waterhog ECO mats have the highest amount of recycled materials in the industry. This makes them more green friendly when compared to other rubber mats. When you think of your green building, purchase Waterhog ECO from Andersen.

WATERHOG TM  ECO LINE: Mats, Roll Goods & Tiles

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