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Choosing a Mop

Download “All about Yarns” PDF to learn more about the yarn in your mops Information provided by: Generally speaking, mops do not wear out through use, but rather abuse. Marino has outlined a few basic maintenance tips that will extend the life of your mop and its efficiency.

Mop Basics

1.Break-in new mop heads in warm, mild detergent solution for at least 20 minutes. 2.Avoid strong cleaning solutions that will cause the strands to break more quickly. 3.Always rinse and wring out mops after every usage. 4.Always store mop heads by hanging the mop head in a warm, dry, well-ventilated area. 5.Avoid scrubbing with the top portion of the mop head, as this will tear the strands and shorten the mop life. 6.When mopping rough surfaces, always mop in the direction that minimizes snagging.

Care of Cotton Mops

A cotton cut-end mop needs care in order to maximize its life expectancy. Make it a rule to do the following: 1.Presoak mop for 24 hours prior to use. 2.Rinse and air dry mop after use. 3.Avoid leaving cotton mops in water for extended periods of time.

Why Synthetic Blended Mops?

The key is the special synthetic blended yarn. The synthetic blended yarn provides durability, superior absorbency, low linting and excellent releasing qualities which enables the yarn to come clean easily. Marino’s Sentrex mops provides all of these characteristics, therefore considered a step above the cotton “C-Pro”. Get better value from a Marino “Sentrex” mop, try one today.

What to look for in a Finishing Mop?

An ideal finishing mop must not lint or streak and must provide high absorbency with quick release of floor finish. The Marino “Super Waxer”, “Silky” and the economical “Finisher” are constructed from specially blended yarn designed specifically to achieve excellent finishing results. When perfection is required, use the Marino “Silky” for streak-free floors with approximately 25% more shine. The “Super Waxer” is ideal for frequent floor finish applications due to heavy pedestrian traffic. Choose the “Finisher” when less frequent finish applications are required. Obtain ultimate results with either choice of Marino’s finishing mops.

Why Looped Mops?

Marino Looped Mops are made from superior blended yarns in a looped end construction and fan tail design to allow for maximum floor coverage while eliminating linting, tangling and fraying. These mops deliver both high absorbency and superior durability that outlasts the regular cut-end mops due to the looped-end construction and fan tail design. Looped mops can withstand repeated laundering and are ideal for rugged cleaning in high traffic areas.