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Anti-Slip Tape

Low Profile:
Finely ground, evenly distributed mineral particulate surface. Prevents tripping – won’t catch heels or shoe edges.

Lays Flat Permanently properly applied, it stays put. Conforms to floor surface. No lifting, even in high-traffic areas.

Instant Bonding Adhesive provides permanent bond when properly applied.

Non-Slip Surface Provides maximum skid resistance without interfering with normal walking.

Won’t Tear High strength thin plastic carrier film is flexible yet tough – won’t tear…won’t flake or chip

Variety of Choices available in rolls, sheets, or cleats

Helps You meet safety standards for non-slip inside/outside areas, on shop floors, stairs, loading ramps, ladders, vehicles skateboards, diving boards, showers, etc

Thickness Thickness Film plus adhesive .020″ (0.5mm)
Heat Resistance Application Temperature Range: 50°F – 100°F (10°C – 38°C)
End Use Temperature Range: 20°F – 150°F (-7°C – 66°C)
Chemical Resistance Resists water, alcohol, detergents. Not recommended for exposure to gasoline and other hydrocarbons.

High Performance – Low Profile
Special finely ground mineral particle aggregate permanently bonded to a high-strength, non-tearing plastic carrier film with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. The adhesive is protected with a calendared kraft paper release liner. Available in 1” to 54’ width rolls.


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