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Bubble & Padded Mailers

Airkraft Bubble Mailers, Kraft, Self Seal

Our Kraft Self Sealing Bubble Mailers provide excellent protection when shipping items such as CD’s, DVD’s or books. These envelopes are lined with 3/16″ bubble wrap, and constructed from 100% recycled paper. These bubble padded mailers are lighter weight than other mailers so they save you on postage expenses. Self-Seal with the convenient, tamper evident peel and stick lip.

Jiffy Padded Envelopes

Our Kraft Coloured Padded Mailers are puncture and moisture resistant to keep items safe during shipping. The interior fibres of these mailers expand as the package is handled so they provide consistent cushioning. No additional cushioning is required. Can be taped or stapled closed. Also available in self seal.

Check out our standard sizes below:

Other products available:

Courier Envelopes, Tyvek Envelopes, Nylon Reinforced Envelopes, Bubble lined poly.


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