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Dust Mops

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Why is Dust Mopping so important?

The regular use of a dust mop will control dust which saves time and money while promoting a healthy environment. Routine dust removal will eliminate abrasive dust particles that ruin your floor and its finish. Dust mopping will protect your floors, help save you time and drastically reduce your labour cost for stripping and refinishing floors. Dust mops are an important factor to developing a floor care program. Marino offers quality dust mops in various sizes, designed for top performance. Our complete line of mops can make your dust control program a success.

Cotton vs Hi-Stat?

All Marino dust mops, cotton and hi-stat, are constructed from the highest quality yarns that are sewn onto a durable polyester backing. Available in two styles, tie on or breakaway, in lengths from 12″ to 72″ for either 3 1/2″ or 5″ frame widths. Every floor that is being dusted requires a dust mop specifically designed for that environment, in order to provide the best possible performance. Environment, budget and preference will be the determining factors as to which type of dust mop is best suitable for the task at hand. Marino offers varieties of high quality dust mops to assist in the efficient removal of dust and dirt. All Marino dust mops are designed for high performance in the most demanding environments. Test one today!

Caring for your dust mop

1.At the end of each shift/usage, the dust mops should be shaken out, vacuumed or brushed completely, in order to remove the larger particles from the mop. If treatment is being used, it should be retreated when necessary.

2.If the dust mop is clean, it should be stored upright in a clean dry area, away from the wall and floor.

3.If the dust mop is soiled, it should be laundered. We recommend a laundry net be used. Cotton, Hi-Stat, Ferma-Twist and G-Stat dust mops should be laundered separately.


Machine Wash

1.We recommend putting dust mops in a laundry net and wash dust mops in hot soapy water at low machine speed (approximately a 5 minute cycle).

2.Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water.

3.Remove mop(s) from laundry net and tumble dry at a maximum of 140°F, until dry or hand dry.

Hand Wash

1.Brush or vacuum excessive particles from dust mop yarn.

2.Place mop in warm soapy water until dirt washes away.

3.Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

4.Wring out excessive water.

5.Hang to dry.


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