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3M™ Jet-melt™ Adhesive are 100% solids thermoplastic resin that become fluid when heated, quickly wet the bonding surface, and harden in seconds to bonding strength. 3M Jet-melt Adhesive  features high deliver rate and long bonding range to meet production requirements for bonding wood.


  • Variety of formulations for assembling: corrugated materials, plastics, chipboard and other packaging materials including light-weight foams and lightly waxed cartons
  • Bond corrugated packaging materials including breadboard
  • Dispense easily through 3M melt-on-demand applicators
  • Available in low temperature applied (LM) formulations for worker comfort

There are a number of 3M™ jet melts available to suit a variety of bonding applications from metal, glass and plastics to wood and paper.

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