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Packing Slips

Attach and protect shipping documents easily. Simply remove a pouch from the pad, peel off the liner to expose the pressure sensitive adhesive, and then press the pouch to the exterior of the packaging. Documents slip inside the tough clear pouch.


  • Tough polypropylene pouch construction protects documents in transit against abrasion and moisture
  • Rubber adhesive grabs on contact and holds securely
  • Standard message printed around pouch perimeter: Document Enclosed

Packing Slip Envelopes (Label’opes):


  • Custom ink colour matches
  • Perforations
  • Resealable or tamperproof closures
  • Hole punching
  • In-House design assistance
  • Printing on backing
  • Front, back, or end loading styles

Range of uses:

  • Complimentary packaging
  • Component parts
  • Documents (invoices, packing slips)
  • Warranties and instructions
  • Business cards applied to brochures
  • Lint Mitt, removes lint from clothing


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