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Filtramax Filters

Magnetic Filtration

This unit is intended for use with precision grinding machines and fine finishing operations.

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Using high performance rare earth magnetic material and proven pole concentrator technology the Filtramag offers an incredible 11,000 Gauss magnetic performance.

Filtramag is capable of attracting sub-micron magnetic particles and can be utilized on inline pressure feed lines as well as gravity fed systems. Grinding, honing, lapping, boring & fine detail machining operations will all benefit from the use of this technology. The unit requires no consumables, unlike the more conventional forms of filtration, and has no running costs. Simply install and the Filtramag starts payback straight away.

Units are available with port connection sizes of 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/2″ , 2″ & 2 1/2″

Filtramag in use:

The core of the FILTRAMAG consists of six neodymium ‘rare earth’ magnetic rods offering an incredible 11,000 Gauss magnetic performance. The configuration of the rods means that pressure is always maintained even when the FILTRAMAG is full of contamination. Back pressure, which causes bursts socks or cartridges, does not occur.

Particle laden fluid enters the FILTRAMAG via the inlet port and travels through the rods which attract and hold the contamination. Clean fluid leaves the FILTRAMAG at the outlet port. To clean the FILTRAMAG simply lift out the cartridge and remove the contamination from the rods using the supplied tool. It couldn’t be easier.

Filtramag operates similarly to Micromag except that it has 6 magnetic rods instead of 1 and it will extract contaminate at a much higher flow rate than can the Micromag.


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